The Scented Garden Cafe, Croydon

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The Scented Garden Cafe is a relaxed leafy cafe in McAdam Sqaure, Plymouth Rd, Croydon. Scented Garden server quality organic food & drinks in their relaxed courtyard. They use Organic or Biodynamic ingredients.

Job completed on April 21, 2014

Jeremy Hague

Jeremy Hague

Freelance WordPress Developer

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  • The Scented Garden Cafe
  • The Scented Garden Cafe

I designed The Scented Garden Cafe website for proprietor Nicole Hill in June, 2014. It was a fun and enjoyable project. Nicole and the team were new to the world of websites and love they they can now update their new WordPress site. I provided a hard copy WordPress Manual on how to use the site, and in-person training session on how to use site. The Scented Garden Cafe website WordPress Manual:

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